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We are a full photographic services and design agency working for private and exclusive clients.  Anything you need doing with photographs and video, we can make happen or facilitate for you. In effect, we are an image concierge for your entire photographic archive – digital or analogue – for the past, present and future
Our passion is releasing images from the depths of your computer hardware and devices (or cupboards!) and breathing new life into them, either in the form a beautiful, bespoke leather-bound photograph album or book or just a fun coffee mug, or a framed print for your mantle piece.
Simply put, we remove the stress of battling with unfamiliar software, worrying about resolution of images, or sitting for hours in dark room trying to decide which image to keep and which to discard.  We’ll do it quickly, efficiently, discreetly and professionally, and entirely online – so wherever you are in the world, we can get it done.
Have a look through the summary of services below, and if you think you need our help, please get in touch through the form on the contact page:

curation & archiving

We know what it’s like to have that nagging feeling that you aren’t really in control, that your OCD is being constantly tugged and poked, that your photos are in a total state.
Duplicates? Devices?Backups? The Cloud…?!
It can all get a bit much, can’t it?  So, we’ll sort it all out and make sure it’s all where it’s supposed to be.
Archived. Curated. Organised. Safe.


It could be worse than just having your current digital photos all over the shop; papers, maps, documents, newspaper clippings, old photos, loose negatives, slide drums and ancient photograph albums going back before WWII all sliding around in a box in the attic…
We’ve seen it all, but the good news is that it can all be rescued, sorted out, converted to digital images, uploaded to a safe place, backed up, and shared with your family and friends.
Photos and film need to be safe, accessible and useable; otherwise, they might as well just be thrown away…

editing & restoration

Not all photos look great straight out of the camera; as the pros know, if you are shooting RAW images, then post-production is non-negotiable to get your images up to scratch
It can be a pretty mind-bending task to get the right resolution in Photoshop for a large scale print for your house for instance. We’ll sort that.
And those old Victorian photographs that are falling to pieces? We’ll scan and restore.
What about that box of old images sitting in their BonusPrint folders, alongside a bunch of negatives and loose photos from your Gap Year 30 years ago? Just hand them all over…


All this work prepping your images is for nothing if there’s no plan for them when they are finished; how are you actually going to stop them gathering digital dust? And how are you going to share them with your family?
Well, photograph albums are still very much loved and enjoyed. They are also an awful lot easier to leave to your grandchildren than your iPhone account is! Or maybe you just never made your wedding album?
And this is what we specialise in: the design, proofing and manufacture of beautiful, bespoke, leather-bound photograph albums. Or, maybe if you’d rather, a hardback, dust-covered, photobook?
Easy. Hassle free. Quick. Stunning.


Ansel & Fox was started by photographers who realised that their clients really didn’t know how to cope with the ever-increasing number of their own photos.
We were photographers then, and we still are.  As such, we can provide professional photographers to take those amazing shots for you if you feel yours just won’t do your holiday or your party justice.
We’ll travel as a member of your staff, document your holiday or expedition and photograph your family and friends.
The finished, professional images will also then be in the right place to go straight into a bespoke photograph album for you. Makes life a lot simpler for everyone.


Alternatively, if you love photography and travel and are planning to head off globe-trotting to get some amazing images of your own, perhaps we can still help you.
Book a class with us and we’ll send a professional photographer to come and talk you through some simple things to really enhance your shots whilst you are away.
We can also come to wherever you are; we’ll bring all learning materials, as well as doing a full class outside with your own cameras, instructing you on composition, exposure, focus and light.
Ultimately, we want to advise you how to get the best out of what you are photographing so that we can make you a cracking album of your holiday, party, year or general antics afterwards – our motives are completely altruistic! 😉
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rescuing images from digital darkness

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